Marc Weiler
Marc is a multi-disciplinary professional graphic designer delivering creative, innovative and engaging solutions to visual communication needs across identity design, editorial design, packaging, website design, corporate communication and art direction.
Self-employed since 1989, he works from his studio in Luxembourg city where he designs with local and international companies of all sizes.
With more than 25 years of experience in graphic design and visual communication, he is able to offer a multitude of skills to his clients. So whether the client requires a logo, a range of packaging, advertisings, a set of brochures, an annual report, a website (or all of the above and more), he can ensure that the whole experience is positive, consistent and effective.

Languages in daily use are : German, French, English… and luxembourgish (native language).

MWD Studio
4, rue Schrobilgen · L-2526 Luxembourg
Tel.: (+352) 45 41 46 · Mail.: marc (at)